Muscle Ammiratore presents the Greek Bodybuilding Champion Valantis Dokos. 

Valantis lives in Germany and he works as a vet. Bodybuilding is his big love. He is an IFBB Competitive Athete. After June 2015, he decided to take some time off and this weekend ( September 29-30) he will take part in the biggest Czech Competition which will be the EVLS Prague Showdown. In a recent interview he said that he and his coach ( the famous worldwide Dennis James ) are very happy with the form he has managed to achieve plus the quality of the skin, cutting on the amount of carbs he has been using for his 12-week-diet. 

Valantis has recently created a new YouTube channel where he is trying to show us the right way of performing Bodybuilding workouts and training based on his experience. The quality and the professional way of editing his videos makes them so interesting, so we suggest that you subscribe, like and share his work following this link: 

See more of Valantis Dokos Bodybuilding career here: 

3rd Place Mr Olympia Amateur Spain up to 100kg 2015 

1st Place & Overall Winner at Greek IFBB Nationals 2014 

4rth Place at the Arnold Classic Amateur Spain up to 100kg

1st Place and Overall winner at the NRW IFBB Championship 2012

1st Place at the German IFBB International Championship up to 100 kg 2012
I wish Valantis all the best ! Support him in his career and if you talk to him say that  you got to know him from Muscle Ammiratore too! 
Follow Valantis here too : 

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