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Notorious ‘Conversion Therapist’ David Matheson is Now ‘Pursuing Life as a Gay Man’ Unapologetic About Harm He Did to Hundreds of Others

David Matheson, a protege of the late NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) therapist Joseph Nicolosi and the founder of the Mormon ‘ex-gay’ therapy group The Center for Gender Wholeness and the Journey Into Manhood ‘ex…

Conversion therapist rebrands himself as a gay muscle daddy, says M4M sex is “a non-negotiable need”

A notorious conversion therapist from Utah is kicking off 2019 by rebranding himself as a proud gay man/muscle daddy.

David Matheson, who is best known for launching the B.S. “Journey into Manhood” program, which used Mormon teachings to steer gay peo…

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