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Priest says he “accidentally” took underage boy to gay bar, shared hotel room but they DID NOT HAVE SEX

Reverend Canon Terrence Grigg is a former minister from St. Mary’s Church in Cottingham, East Yorkshire. He’s currently on trial after being accused of molesting five boys and young men between 1983 and 1996.

During his trial at the Full Crown Court t…

Tip: Deficit Trap Bar Deadlift

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From a muscle-building standpoint, deficit pulls are a great way to hammer the quads. From a strength-building standpoint, they’re a great way to improve your deadlift if you tend to struggle with breaking the bar off the floor. Afte…

Leg Day in the Smith Machine

Smith Machine Madness
The only thing I love more than the Smith machine is talking about the Smith machine. Mainly because I get to watch so many strength coaches lose their shit over it. And they’ve always got the same tired argument:
“But, but, the s…