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This gay social media star with 4 million followers just ditched Facebook for “demonizing sexuality”

On Thursday we reported on a troubling shift in Facebook’s content moderation policy. The social media giant says the new clampdown on sexual and sexually suggestive language is an effort to cut down on content that “facilitates, encourages or coordina…

5-move workout: Core/upper body

It doesn’t take a genius to know why the chest, abs and arms are nicknamed the “beach muscles”.
A well-rounded workout program targets all parts of your body… but there’s nothing wrong with occasionally just targeting the ones you most want to flaunt i…

Tip: Big ROM, Bigger Gains

“What’s the best exercise for _______?”
Common question. If you’re trying to choose between a couple of different exercises for a muscle group, keep this guideline in mind: The best exercises permit a large range of motion.
Growing muscle requires that…

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