Two Guys Kissing Is Banned in Russia

Roman Bashinsky is “sad” that his series of same-sex kisses in a YouTube video have been banned in Russia says Gay Star News. Bashinsky launched his social justice channel Bashinsky Time (BT) to help promote tolerance of LGBT lives in Russia and has more than 438,000 subscribers.

Bashinsky uploaded the video onto YouTube and other social media platforms Monday where it’s been viewed over 100 thousand times. Two Guys Kissing Is Banned in Russia less than 24 hours later, YouTube removed the video on its Russian site.

“YouTube sends video restrictions alerts,” Bashinsky said explaining how he learned of the video’s removal. The video does not violate the rules of YouTube. The videos still appear under “age-restricted content” on YouTube in countries outside of Russia.

But Bashinsky wants the rest of the world to share them to raise awareness of homophobia in Russia. ‘We will fight. Fight to win,’ he said.

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