Common Kitchen Chemical Found to Have Effect on Penis Size

Common Kitchen Chemical Found to Have Effect on Penis SizeSausages by davef3138 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

A chemical commonly found in non-stick cookware has been found to have an effect on penis size, according to a new study. The researchers, based in Padua, Italy, revealed that water contaminated with Perfluoroalkyl compounds (PFCs), which have already been found to harm hormone signaling in the reproductive system, is responsible for smaller penis development. It also caused young men who consumed it to have sperm that was less mobile, and abnormal male reproductive tract development.

Wrote the researchers: “This study documents that PFCs have a substantial impact on human male health as they directly interfere with hormonal pathways potentially leading to male infertility. We found that increased levels of PFCs in plasma and seminal fluid positively correlate with circulating testosterone and with a reduction of semen quality, testicular volume, penile length, and AGD [anogenital distance].” The researchers undertook the study because the water in the region of Padua was known to have high-levels of PFCs.

Added the researchers: “As the first report on water contamination of PFCs goes back to 1977, the magnitude of the problem is alarming as it affects an entire generation of young individuals, from 1978 onwards.”

In addition to Teflon, PFCs can also be found in many stain-resistant fabrics, and in foam used for firefighting.

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