Calum Scott Dives Deep into His Gay Anthem ‘No Matter What’, Says He’s on Tinder: ‘People Should Know I’m Swiping’ – WATCH

British singer-songwriter Calum Scott took a deep dive into his LGBTQ anthem “No Matter What” in a recent interview with Sound Bites UK.
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Said Scott of how it was to write such a personal song: “‘It just made me feel liberated and a lot more at peace with myself when things I was holding back and suppressing were out on paper.

Before I released the album I wasn’t satisfied with where I was at with my sexuality. I wasn’t necessarily happy or proud of my sexuality…No Matter What kind of went in my catalog. I released the album and afterwards I kind of regretted not including it on my debut album.

So I spoke to the label and said, ‘you know this is a really personal song but I want to release it. I want it to have its moment.’ So the label said ‘ you know, test it out live.’ I performed it on the Human Tour and in America to thousands of thousands of people and night after night there would be rows and rows and rows of people crying, stirred with their parents, and that really moved me. I cried almost every time that I sang it…As personal as it is, it is probably a song that I’m most proud of.”

Scott said that the recording process for “No Matter What” brought out a “wealth of emotion” about the way his mother reacted to him coming out (“so pure and so magical and everything you want to hear”). That emotion was reversed when he came out to his friends, who abandoned him. “That was really rough, and that emotion came as well.” Scott also spoke about making the music video, directed by Ozzie Pullin, and how he broke down recording the performance for it. “We did the take and I was welling up for most of it, and at the end, it was just all the emotion of the song, the video just came flooding in and I broke down and he comes in and gives me a hug…And there was a little bit of a squabble when he was cutting the video as to should we have that in there?

It kind of breaks down the fourth wall a little bit. But we just all agreed that it shows how real it is – not only to the audience but the audience to the artist – how real of a struggle it is.” Scott said he has received many, many messages of support since releasing the video: “I’m very proud that I get to go around the world and spread that message.”

Watch the full interview above, and the video below.
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Scott recently told GSN that he’s using Tinder to find a boyfriend.

Said Scott: “People think I’m a catfish! ‘It says on my bio “I’m not a catfish. This is me.” They say: “That’s what a catfish would say.” I can’t win! How do you prove it’s you!?’ I was on [celebrity dating] Raya platform.

I was like “This feels too exclusive. It’s industry. I’m a lad from Hull!

You have to be voted in, and that whole process is just a bit [pulls a face]. It didn’t last for long. I’d rather be on Tinder, which is there for everybody, people as normal as me!

People should know, I’m swiping.”

In recent news, Scott bought his mother a Mercedes sports car for Christmas.

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