Memers obliterate confederate sympathizer Cindy Hyde-Smith ahead of racially-charged election

Another disturbing development in the racially-charged Senate runoff race between Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is white trash, and her Democratic opponent Mike Espy, who is black. This morning, two nooses were discovering swinging from a tree outside the Mississippi State Capitol, along with several handwritten signs.

“On Tuesday Nov.

27, thousands of Mississippians will vote for a senator,” one sign said. “We need someone who respects the lives of lynch victims.” Another read: “We’re hanging nooses to remind people that times haven’t changed.” The display appears to be in response to the string of racist jokes Hyde-Smith, who opposes same-sex marriage, has cracked along the campaign trail.

Just a little recap: Earlier this month, 59-year-old Hyde-Smith came under fire when video of her joking about sitting in the “front row” of a “public hanging” surfaced online. Days later, another video of her joking about voter suppression hit the internet. Then photos of her wearing a Confederate soldier’s hat and holding a rifle while touting “Mississippi history at its finest!” were uncovered on Facebook.

Then it was revealed that she had attended a segregation academy in high school. Then it was exposed she gleefully accepted campaign donations from a former member of the KKK. And yet she still insists she’s definitely not racist.

Memers obliterate confederate sympathizer Cindy Hyde-Smith ahead of racially-charged election

State police say they don’t know who is responsible for hanging the nooses or the signs.

“As of late this morning, they did not have any suspects,” a Capitol Police spokesman told media. Tomorrow, Mississippi will hold its runoff election, where it is largely expected Hyde-Smith will win, though data suggests there’s a slim chance her opponent could still squeak out a victory. If he is victorious, Epsy will be the first black senator from Mississippi since Reconstruction.

Fingers crossed Mississippi votes to take out the trash tomorrow.

And now, the memes…

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