25 truths about total tops and top privilege

Dom top. Fem top.

Vers top. Total top. These are all important terms in the lexicon of top culture.

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How do you know if a twitter gay is a top? He’ll tell you. At every opportunity.

— Heidi Cucumber (@LordJusticeHomo) October 21, 2018


#TopPrivilege is being able to arrange a hookup after dinner plans … meanwhile the bottom: pic.twitter.com/KnocxaT3JE — Vin (@vintesta) May 24, 2018


Top culture is wearing skinny jeans to show off those thick thighs. https://t.co/8SvSZu0lVM — ??(????)???? (@LuaChique) November 6, 2018


#TopPrivilege is having this emoji ?

— Messiah Carey (@kellyclarksus) June 16, 2015


There’s two types of gays: total tops, and everyone else. Everyone else is better. — Sean Applause (@Sean_Applause) April 16, 2018


Tops will never know the struggle of going to an orgy, but having to start getting ‘ready’ hours before! #topprivilege #teambottom #teamlocked #BBBH #RAWISLAW

— Goodlad (@Goodlad84) September 15, 2018


Me: I’m officially a total top now. Gay Twitter: pic.twitter.com/yrv3ArTbDE — Flat Stomach Energy (@Gay_Mac_Genius) March 21, 2017


Use your privilege to help bottoms fight for equality, tops are the white women of gay men

— NOV 14 (@dayionh) August 20, 2017


WeHo gays be like Masc 4 Masc, total TOP… pic.twitter.com/4wxLT31izP — WeHo Confidential (@WHconfidential) June 30, 2016


In gay sex, the man on the bottom is the Sodomite & the man on the top is the Sodotite — Sanjeev Kohli (@govindajeggy) September 19, 2018


I just ate chilli con carne before the underwear party.

That my friends is #TopPrivilege and I will not topologise for it. — Much (@mtwhel) August 7, 2017


#Gay culture is hearing the beginning of ‘Edge of Seventeen’ start and gay screaming.
Top culture is hoping it’s that song.
Bottom culture is hoping it’s Bootylicious. — Jason Swen (@Dollboy1993) September 7, 2018


New guy on grindr: >

The gays: pic.twitter.com/Q1npoIc8qP — Mathieu ? (@mth_bjn) November 7, 2018


Im gonna use my #topprivilege to get a discount on this lube

— rigga morris (@itmeobed) May 29, 2018


Real talk, I think it’s sad how in the gay world, everybody gets to exist except us total tops. Nobody else gets the shade we get on a reg. — Scrooge McPhuck (@Skottfrii1) January 19, 2017


Sorry but who actually shits in a gay club.

Total tops, I guess??? — I have no soul-stice (@DjudjDjoodi) February 4, 2018


I swear #NoShade, for every 1 #TotalTop there’s 30 #VerseBttms & 20 #VerseTops, & no joke 50 #TotalBttms!!! Lol (like for real?!)!

— Kinzel Fabulous (@Iamkinzel) February 19, 2018


“strictly tops” advising bottoms how to clean up is like men telling women not to have an abortion. There is a sense of entitlement that comes with “tops” that makes them problematic for me, a versatile dude will understand the intricacies of bottoming, the pain, the pleasure. — gay by the pound (@dicked_nigeria) October 21, 2018


everyone keeps talking about TOP, what about BOTTOM? #TopPrivilege #SupportYourBottom

— party for michael (@yasmichaelyas) November 18, 2015


“According to top privilege, many who identify as Bottom believe they do all the work (the prep work is a little mind-blowing). They also feel some Tops treat Bottoms like second-class gays. – @kito_diaries

— Rosier (@Lestrange_Noir) April 26, 2018


When a total top walks into the gay bar pic.twitter.com/1BBRyxlySt — Phillip Henry (@MajorPhilebrity) November 7, 2016


-Preparing for Gay Sex- Tops: buy condoms, stretch Bottoms: Fast for 90 days, cleanse yourself in the purifying waters of Lake Minnetonka — Doof-kun ? (@Electivirus) October 14, 2017


Top privilege is bypassing the “gays can’t drive” stereotype by virtue of not being a bottom.

All this aside I still can’t fucking drive — Ella? (@AylaStock) June 23, 2018


Gays who say they’re “total tops” until you get them in bed and then all they want you to do is play with their butthole pic.twitter.com/oHrflFxfir — Corey (@corey4evrfamous) February 2, 2018


There is no such thing as a total top every gay will or have bottom for someone. ?????

— Fitz Alexander (@FitzAlexander_) October 6, 2017

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