The internet has a lot to say about that Austin Wolf/Delta Airlines employee lavatory sex video

You’ve likely heard by now that a Delta Airlines employee was suspended from his job this week after hooking up with adult film performer Austin Wolf in an aircraft lavatory. Not just that, but the whole thing was caught on tape and uploaded online.

Related: Delta employee suspended over mid-flight bathroom hookup with Austin Wolf caught on tape After the news broke yesterday, Gay Twitter immediately went into a feeding frenzy trying to locate the scandalous eight minute video. According to sources, the flight attendant is horrified by the whole thing and says he had no idea he was being recorded by Austin.

Delta rushed out a statement saying it was investigating the matter and assuring everyone that “this video does not reflect the standards of professionalism expected of our employees while representing the Delta brand.”

Meanwhile, Wolf told the DailyMail he just wants to be “left alone” so he can “get his life back on track”. And now, the tweets… Okay…lets jump into the tweets now..

Okay, so a flight attendant gets caught getting fucked by Austin Wolf on a Airplane….. There is SO MUCH to discuss tonight…. Nobody else wants to talk..

But I do… Henny…. — Terrance Ingraham (@DieselWashXXX) October 18, 2018

Not ashamed to say I absolutely need to see that Austin Wolf/Delta flight attendant bathroom sex tape

— Joe Gunn (@joegunn) October 17, 2018

Anyone have that Austin Wolf airplane video? Asking for a friend — Carlos Baiza (@aboyrobot) October 17, 2018

Me lookin for this #AustinWolf X #delta mile high video rn …. ???????

— ??Glen Scott?? (@glenrules) October 17, 2018

Apparently filmed without the airline employee’s knowledge, but could be wrong. Pretty sad if Austin Wolf did that without telling him. — J (@Jdcpron) October 19, 2018

Austin Wolf is a total weirdo – I wouldnt mess with him

— Else Hildegard Plotz ?????? (@IapetusOrbit) October 17, 2018

I wonder if that flight attendant can sue Austin Wolf for posting their sex video without his permission. — Bareback ? BOOssy (@Milheril) October 18, 2018


This dumbass. How do you not know that Austin Wolf is going to record you?! He NEVER fucks for free.

Smh — Corey OBrien (@Coreyobr) October 17, 2018

I wouldn’t blame the guy to be honest ? It’s fucking Austin Wolf!

— John Kia Boong Kee (@poofthebear) October 19, 2018


This gay gave up his lifetime of free flights to Prides, Mykonos and the entire ho lifestyle that is being a flight attendant worldwide for 8 minutes with Austin Wolf which will run you about £33

— Phillip Henry (@MajorPhilebrity) October 17, 2018

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