Queer Greek Activist and Performer Dies After Horrific Brutal Beating Captured on Video

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Zak Kostopoulos, a queer Greek activist and performer, died following a brutal mob beating in Central Athens that was captured on camera (above, warning: graphic). The Athens daily Kathemerini reported: “The incident occurred last Friday morning on Gladstonos Street near Omonia Square.

The victim allegedly entered the empty jewelry store and panicked when he was locked inside. Initial reports claimed Kostopoulos was trying to rob the store, but others said he was trying to avoid a brawl that had started nearby. Footage from CCTV cameras across the street published in media show the victim stumbling while trying to pick up a fire extinguisher to break the glass door.

He then tried to break a street-level display window on the storefront. The store owner was alerted to the incident and returned to his store. The camera footage shows two men, one of whom is reportedly the store owner, kicking him repeatedly in the head as he crawls through the broken glass out into the street.

One of the dozen bystanders called an ambulance and police. A separate video that emerged showed the victim attempting to escape after receiving first aid by paramedics, only to trip over a nearby table. It also showed a policeman beating him again as Kostopoulos is already lying on the ground.”

Kostopoulos died on the way to the hospital, according to police. The store owner was charged with manslaughter while his accomplice, seen kicking Kostopoulos in the video, is reportedly still at large. The website Neos Kosmos reported: “A well-known figure among the LGBTQI community, Kostopoulos was an activist for both gender-related issues, as well as for the HIV-positive community, raising awareness for people living with HIV.

He had been active through Positive Voice, the HIV-positive association of Greece (which works with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation).

He was also a popular drag show artist, performing under the moniker Zackie Oh.

A protest rally in his memory was held in Athens on Saturday night, with the participation of about 500 people.”

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