Tyson Beckford’s pump, Antoni Porowski’s pig, & Nyle DiMarco’s thirst trap

This week Gus Kenworthy and Matthew Wilkas adopted a new family member, Marines were found to be the most sexually active in the military, the Air Force got its first gay football player, and Reddit smoked out the alleged cast of Drag Race All Stars 4.

Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Adam Rippon met friends at the beach.

Maluma contemplated life.

YG cleaned the pool.

Simon Dunn lifted his tank.

Okkar Min Maung visited Vegas.

Antoni Porowski pet a pig.

Timothy Granaderos knelt on a towel.

Nyle DiMarco sipped a cocktail.

Keiynan Lonsdale explored the desert.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain hit the gym.

Pietro Boselli refreshed.

Austin Mahone went scuba diving.

Matthew Holehouse crowded the bathroom.

Liam Hemsworth watched the ocean.

Anthony Bowens got soaked.

Adam Peaty checked himself out.

William Shewfelt stopped breathing.

Titanius Maximus wore pink.

Chris Marchant hung around the tall grass.

Riyadh Khalaf scored.

Liam Payne vacationed in France.

Danell Leyva watched the sun set.

Aja hung loose.

Nolan Gould sat in the hot tub.

Max Emerson sat with his pup.

Ronnie Woo had a burger in the bathroom.

Tom Daley sat at the pool.

David Mcintosh made a call.

Chris Mosier sailed Lake Michigan.

Tyson Beckford flexed.

Rep. Brian Sims met Eureka.

Terry Miller stretched out.

Jason Derulo took a night swim.

Eli Lieb laid out.

Chal Harn popped a squat.

John Barrowman opened up.

Michael Urie was a shark.

Aidan Faminoff found a swamp creature.

Tommy DiDario found his center.

And Jaymes Vaughan took a hike.

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