Show the world your Pride in the #takePride photo challenge

#takepride photo challenge

For Pride this year, Queerty and our friends at Target want to see what makes your celebration special. Show us what makes you thoughtful, vibrant, strong, loving, and fabulous.

In other words, show us what makes you, YOU! Upload a photo showing how you #takePride for a chance to be featured on Queerty’s Instagram or, and for a chance to win some special Target #takepride swag.
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Enter by July 7, 2018, read the official rules.



Drag it up!


I am a straight black woman who believes everyone has the right to love and be with who they chose!




1993 Pride Picnic

Gay and Fabulous, it’s so black & white!


The three of at Asbury park nj pride always a great time rain or shine we bring the rainbow of pride always not just June everyday

Everlasting love


Ted Hayes, oldest founding member of the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center, Kingston, NY. Born February 7, 1931

Gay Gladiator. Happy Pride

Our 10th anniversary at Gran Canaria Pride on the steps where we met

In Love with Her!

LGBT Days in Cathedral City Sporting my Pride shorts from Target


Thankful for us.

I’m not ‘big’ on bumper stickers, but have used my license plate to show MY ‘Pride’ for decades

Love is the best in the world



Getting ready to go enjoy #Pride with my #2DogDaddies. #Woof #fierce

?Fearlessly SAFE leader! ?


Our wedding day!


Sister Unity and Eartha Madre teach Performance as Activism


I @takePride with a little help from my friends <3

I’M proud to be a fabulous black Transwoman. And everyone have a great pride weekend !

Proud to be together!

Pride Artist

Jared Bruce with the Oklahoma Hay hauler tan on the right.

Jared Bruce & Bruce Schultz

My friends and I were just on a simple walk. I HAD to go all extra.

I’m the one in the flag btw 😉

My name is queerpapa and my job as an elder is to tell anyone, especially our youth, that if they feel different to enjoy it because it is our subtle differences that make us so visible, viable, and valuable to each other.

Acceptance, Diversity, Human Rights


Pride makes me want to dance


Pride is standing up for the “Family”

Loud & Proud!


Pride 2018

Eat it, Drumpf! Love always wins!

Celebrating Pride with my colorful family of gal pals

This is the first picture of me and my boyfriend I have ever shown.

It was the photo I used when coming out to my parents. This was taken 6 months into our relationship at the time, which we are currently going on 1 year (on 7/8/18). He’s 18 (Zach, left), I’m 16 (Adam, right) and this is how we took our pride since day 1.


Everyday is PRIDE for us when we are hanging out with people who love deeply, cheerlead for everyone and are the ones who hug just a little longer and a little harder.

We know in every day that there have been struggles to allow us to BE.

Pride under the big flags in Boston

We’re Getting Married!

#DCPride #Equality #togetherwefight!

PRIDE in Kelowna British Columbia – Canada – Senior Gay Men In Kelowna

Father and transgender daughter showing trans pride on the way to Capital Pride Parade!


Pro-Diversity! Strong Authentic

Quilted artistic wall hanging

Boston Pride with the consulate of israel

My FLAG!! At Laguna Beach pride volunteering?

#takepride Albany


Melinda Ryder & Flo promoting tourism at KC Pride Fest 2018

Melinda Ryder & “her boys” the Heartland’s Men’s Chorus at KC Pride Fest 2018


Creative, Artistic, Naturally Me

#takepride #womencandiptoo

This was taken as I was walking to a candlelight vigil right after the shooting at pulse nightclub.

I was walking around Richmond VA waving my flag so all of the passerbys on the nearby interstates could see the outpouring of support for Orlando here in RVA.

#blended #notblood #stongertogether #team2moms

Miami LGBT High





Just being FABulous

Walmart Pride!

Being my own kind of beautiful.

I am what I am and I am love myself

Flying with Pride



Pride Night at Dodger Stadium!


Celebrating one year of happy marriage on June 28th!!

Columbus Pride – 2017 Giant Eagle Proud .

Deacon Stole represents my office to speak G-d’s Love for ALL !

Proudly Together Forever!

Great Time DC Pride

We take great pride in celebrating every October 12th.

This will be our 62nd year together.

Gay and Happy!

In the image you see me hosting a live broadcast of the pride celebration in Riga for my television station here.

Fighting for Equality!

Fighting for Equality!


WooPride at Boston Pride Parade


Instagram: @mbullock80

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