7 unconventional workouts that torch fat and sculpt muscle

Are stationary bikes just too, well, stationary for you? If you’re itching to go someplace, take THE TRIP: a 40-minute cycling class that combines technology and sweat in the most motivating way, transporting you to different worlds, real and imagined. You can take a class at studios in New York City (including TMPL Gym[1]), Santa Monica, and abroad for 9 total cities (10 locations–two in Paris).

The innovative cycling experience uses digital projection on cinema-size screens to give you the illusion of climbing up the side of a super-steep glacier, a virtual reality chase with futuristic riders through space age cities, and the impression you’re sprinting across lava flows. Your indoor cycling workouts have a sense of purpose, a competitive edge, and a huge dose of fun. You’ll stop thinking about the workout and create new limits.

For more informtaion, check out lesmills.com[2].


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  2. ^ lesmills.com (www.lesmills.com)

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