Photos: Mark Wahlberg looks undeniably shredded on his beach vacation

Being on vacation hasn’t stopped Mark Wahlberg[1] from staying ripped[2]. Hot off spending his Thanksgiving holiday doing reshoots for Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World, Wahlberg spent some time with his family–and showed off his muscular physique[3].

Wahlberg told Men’s Fitness[4] that he wants to get into the best shape of his life for his upcoming movie Mile 22, an action-thriller with frequent collaborator, director Peter Berg. The film stars Wahlberg as an elite CIA field operative trying to protect a source with top-secret information.

This transformation is just the latest in a long line of shredded roles for Wahlberg, who once added nearly 50lbs of muscle for his part in Pain & Gain back in 2013[5].

Helping him along in those transformations?

His very own line of supplements from Performance Inspired[6].

Wahlberg is going to keep shredding into 2018.

Take a look at him now, and get inspired for your own body transformation next year.


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