Start Building a Jacked Upper-Body With These 6 Exercises

Kneeling lat pulldowns are a great back exercise, and the kneeling position forces you to activate your core[1] with less assistance from your legs. Planking is not only one of the best exercises for your entire core, it is also a shoulder strengthener and stabilizer. (If you’re ready to challenge yourself even more, try doing this plank variation[2].) Inverted rows attack your back and arms.

They are an excellent bodyweight-pulling option for those who cannot yet do pullups[3], and even those who can will be able to hit their back from a different angle with this movement. Facepulls with a resistance band (like this one[4]) target your upper-back, while the half-kneeling row hits up your mid-back. The half-kneel causes your abs to work hard in order to stabilize against the offset position of your legs.

Incorporate the above moves into your workout routine, and you’ll see results in no time.


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