NFL Week 6: The top 5 moments, players, and performances in football

Stop us if you think that you’ve heard this one before: The Falcons held a large lead against a team they totally dominated in the first half, yet they found themselves on the outside looking in when all was said and done. Yep, Sunday’s Week 6 debacle had shades of the Super Bowl 51 let-down from last season, albeit with not as much on the line. Atlanta was resting on a 17-0 lead at the half against the Dolphins yesterday, but lost 20-17.

It’s one thing to let Tom Brady come back from a 21-3 deficit, but when Jay Cutler does it, you know you’ve done wrong. (For reference, Cutler had thrown five TDs to four INTs [1]all season.)


  1. ^ five TDs to four INTs (

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