Study Shows Fitness Gym Membership Pays Health Benefits

AMES, Iowa- The New Year’s resolutions of weight loss and fitness can be better achieved if you have a gym membership, according to a new study from Iowa State University. The study led by Duck-chul (DC) Lee, an assistant professor of Kinesiology at ISU said that people who belong to a health club exercised more, and had better heart health. The benefits are even greater if you have had a gym membership for over a year.

“It’s not surprising that people with a gym membership work out more, but the difference in our results is pretty dramatic,” Lee said, in a news release. “Gym members were 14 times more aerobically active than non-members and 10 times more likely to meet muscle-strengthening guidelines, regardless of their age and weight.” Lee said it is recommended that adults get 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, and 75 minutes of vigorous activity. “You have to do both aerobic and resistance exercise,” said Lee. “You can meet the aerobic exercise guidelines by doing exercise or physical activity outside like running bicycling, but meeting the resistance exercise guideline, it’s more difficult or challenging to do that outside the gym.

Exercise resistance is done by lifting weights, and differs from running or biking.

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