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How to lift weights safely and effectively

The Independent

How to lift weights safely and effectively
The Independent
When it comes to burning fat, weight lifting and resistance work is essential. By building muscle, you boost your basal metabolic rate, meaning you burn more calories over the course of the day even when you’re not exercising. But with the rise of

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From fidgeting and eating fat to starting the day with apple cider vinegar: Experts reveal the top 10 ways to boost …

Daily MailFrom fidgeting and eating fat to starting the day with apple cider vinegar: Experts reveal the top 10 ways to boost …Daily MailTrainer Christina Howells also recommends combining high-intensity interval training with traditional cardio to r…

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Definition Fitness owner Daniel Knust is a definite chance for a national bodybuilding title this weekend

Hard work pays off: Daniel Knust with his medal after being name best natural bodybuilder in NSW. Picture: Greg Ellis.

Definition Fitness owner and head coach Daniel Knust is representing the Illawarra and NSW in Melbourne this weekend after win…

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Australian boy fatally crushed by gym weights

BBC News



Muscle Ammiratore presents the Greek Bodybuilding Champion Valantis Dokos. 

Valantis lives in Germany and he works as a vet. Bodybuilding is his big love. He is an IFBB Competitive Athete. After June 2015, he decided to take some time off and this weekend ( September 29-30) he will take part in the biggest Czech Competition which will be the EVLS Prague Showdown. In a recent interview he said that he and his coach ( the famous worldwide Dennis James ) are very happy with the form he has managed to achieve plus the quality of the skin, cutting on the amount of carbs he has been using for his 12-week-diet. 

Valantis has recently created a new YouTube channel where he is trying to show us the right way of performing Bodybuilding workouts and training based on his experience. The quality and the professional way of editing his videos makes them so interesting, so we suggest that you subscribe, like and share his work following this link: 

See more of Valantis Dokos Bodybuilding career here: 

3rd Place Mr Olympia Amateur Spain up to 100kg 2015 

1st Place & Overall Winner at Greek IFBB Nationals 2014 

4rth Place at the Arnold Classic Amateur Spain up to 100kg

1st Place and Overall winner at the NRW IFBB Championship 2012

1st Place at the German IFBB International Championship up to 100 kg 2012
I wish Valantis all the best ! Support him in his career and if you talk to him say that  you got to know him from Muscle Ammiratore too! 
Follow Valantis here too : 

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20-Minute Full-Body Workout With Weights | POPSUGAR Fitness – POPSUGAR

Grab a set of weights and get ready to work your entire body, in just 20 minutes — warmup and cooldown included. We stack the circuits in this sweat session, adding a new exercise to each round. It keeps it interesting, not to mention challenging! We provide modifications for all the exercises, making this workout perfect no matter your fitness level.


How To Up Your Fitness, Fast – Without Spending On A Gym Membership – HuffPost UK

Summer might be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean your workouts have to slow down. When autumn rolls around and the evenings get dark, it’s nice to head to a warm gym to keep fit. But what if you don’t fancy giving a third of your take-home pay to your local gym?

Never fear. There are alternatives that don’t involve fighting another gym-goer for the treadmill. You don’t even have to get dressed to try out kettlebell exercises at home in your pyjamas. Take your fitness to the next level and save pennies while you’re at it.

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When you’re short on time and you don’t want to get dressed to workout, try kettlebell exercises at home. A kettlebell is a cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. You can use them for strength and cardiovascular exercise. Swinging a kettlebell around is seriously hard work. You’ll work up a proper sweat while burning calories and toning muscles.

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Wild swimming

Swimming pools can be pricey and they are often filled with screaming children. If you don’t mind braving the cold, find your local wild swimming spot and go for a dip. Hampstead Ponds is a famous wild swimming lake in London and is a lot cheaper than regular pool, at £2 a dip. 

Swimming is a low-impact workout so it’s great if you are recovering from an injury, plus you’ll start to see your fitness improve in a whole new way. Take a look at the Wild Swimming[1] website for local swimming ponds near you.

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Plenty of cities have pay-as-you-ride bikes now, making it cheaper than ever to go cycling. It’s fantastic for building cardiovascular fitness and toning your muscles. Regular short cycle rides are the best way to get fit. Start biking twice a week and gradually build it up – before long you’ll be that person powering uphill on your bike with legs of steel.

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Tennis doesn’t have to involve signing up to an expensive club. Whacking a ball around is one of the best ways to get fit while having fun. Tennis is all about quick explosive movements and dynamic strength, plus it builds stamina and encourages coordination. There are dozens of free access tennis courts around the country. Some even offer free coaching for families. Find your nearest free tennis court on the Tennis For Free[2] website.

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While not traditionally thought of as a fitness regime, yoga can be an intense workout if you practice the right style. Ashtanga and vinyasa style yoga not only stretches muscles but also strengthens your core and tones your upper and lower body. A one-hour vinyasa class burns nearly 600 calories. You can easily practice yoga at home by following YouTube videos or join a pay-monthly site. Try Yoga With Adriene’s 45-minute Power Yoga class[3] for starters. 

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All you need to start running is a pair of trainers. The beauty of pacing pavements is you can do it anywhere – whether it’s on your commute to work or along the coastal path on holiday. Start with a short 10 minute jog and slowly build up to 30-40 minutes. Don’t berate yourself if you have to walk.

Just challenge yourself, next time, to run a little further. Running is the perfect fitness regime if you want to see results fast and it is totally free.

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HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. It involves short bursts of exercise that you can do at home to build strength, stamina and increase your metabolism. Fitness Blender[4] is one of our favourite YouTube channels for HIIT exercises. You can choose different length workouts, from quick 10-minute cardio sessions to kickboxing and skipping. You don’t need any special equipment and you won’t have to pay a penny. If the sun is shining, take that HIIT regime outside and do it in your local park.

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‘Bad Lip Reading’ has finally released the hilarious ‘2017 NFL’ video

With the NFL season coming to a close, Bad Lip Reading has finally released their ‘NFL 2017’ video, and it is arguably the best part of Super Bowl week.

While last year’s video delivered a ton of laughs, this year’s is the strangest and craziest yet. We’ll say it: It’s comedy gold.

[embedded content]

From the thief who dared to steal New England Patriots QB Tom Brady’s nickels out his “dang” locker, to Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger singing “I’ll flip for you,” nobody can escape the ridicule when the folks at Bad Lip Reading work their magic.

But for those that did escape this year’s video, congratulations: Looks like we can’t laugh at your expense.

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Chisel Your Shoulders and Abs In Just 9 Minutes

With a 2 to 1 work to rest ratio, you’ll be incinerating calories too!

For more workouts that will light up your shoulders and abs, check out the new METASHRED EXTREME[1] transformation program from Men’s Health.

Directions: Perform the exercises below in the order listed for 40 seconds each, resting for 20 seconds between each movement.

1. Miniband superman

  1. Pushup and row
  2. Seated band forehead pull

That’s 1 round. Do 3 to 5 rounds.


  1. ^ METASHRED EXTREME (www.metashredextremedvd.com)