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Annemarie Dropped 235 Pounds and Went From a Size 30 to a 10


Annemarie Dropped 235 Pounds and Went From a Size 30 to a 10
Although I have currently over 10 pounds of excess hanging skin, that can’t be toned . . . I still lift weights. I can actually say it’s my favourite part of the workout now. I love watching biceps come in.” Annemarie also loves the way weight lifting

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The 10 best running shoes of fall 2017

Best for: Road runners who want the basics done rightThe most impressive, comfortable, and functional running kicks Reebok has launched, these shoes are a blast to pound the pavement in. The sock-like upper is ultra-breathable, flexible, and perfect fo…

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Tip: Bottom-Up Bulgarian Split Squat

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The Bulgarian split squat is a great single-leg squat variation to build strength and size in your lower body and also address imbalances between the left leg and the right leg. It will show its strength the more load you can lift. In our training we use it as a squat variation and we also do singles.

In order to be able to progress the load, you need to have a stable base on the ground. Too often you see people not having this stable base, which leads to:

  • Not being able to achieve full depth
  • An inconsistent movement pattern (every rep looks different)
  • Not being able to handle the loads you could possibly handle

How Can This Be Solved?

Start from the bottom up. This helps you to get comfortable with the bottom position. Once you’re comfortable with the bottom position and have consolidated your movement pattern, the weights you’ll be able to lift will follow.

As a rule of thumb, I’ve found that my athletes are able to use 80-90% of their back squat weight for the same amount of reps. For example, if they can do 3 reps of back squat at 200 kg, they can do 3 reps of 160-180 kg in the Bulgarian split squat.

No, you won’t be able to achieve the same depth in the Bulgarian split squat as in the back squat. However, if you standardize the back squat depth and the Bulgarian split squat depth, it’s a valid relation.

So, get the technique right first, get comfortable with the bottom position, and you’ll soon be able to load up the weight.

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KKR muscles in on £600m auction of Pure Gym fitness chain – Sky News

The buyout giant which took Boots private more than a decade ago has muscled in on the £600m-plus auction of Pure Gym, Britain’s biggest chain of health and fitness clubs.

Sky News understands that KKR is among a pack of financial investors that will table indicative offers for Pure Gym ahead of a deadline on Thursday.

The sale of Pure Gym comes a year after the company abandoned a public listing, citing difficult market conditions in the wake of the EU referendum.

Pure Gym’s main shareholder, CCMP Capital Advisors, is working with Harris Williams and Jefferies on the auction, which City sources say is likely to be wrapped up by the end of the year.

CCMP, which has controlled Pure Gym since 2013, has overseen a period of strong growth at Pure Gym, which now trades from more than 170 clubs.

Its relentless expansion comes after a period of turbulence in the UK gyms sector, with operators such as Fitness First being forced into financial restructurings and takeovers.

A successful sale of Pure Gym would crystallise a windfall for Sir Chris Hoy, the six-time Olympics gold medallist, who has a small shareholding in the business.

Announcing its 2016 results in March, Humphrey Cobbold, Pure Gym’s chief executive, said: “Almost a million people currently enjoy our affordable and flexible offer and we’ve introduced a variety of different membership options to suit a wide range of personal circumstances.

“No operator in the history of the gym and fitness sector in the UK has ever achieved this scale of membership.

“For 2017, expansion remains our priority with plans for 20 to 25 openings this year in total.

“Despite our size, we retain a ‘challenger brand’ entrepreneurial spirit with a relentless focus on ensuring our offer appeals to 21st century consumers who want quality and value for money, the flexibility of a no contract offer and facilities they actually use.”

KKR and Pure Gym declined to comment.


MIC’s Binky Felstead shares her pregnancy gym workout!

The MIC star has shared a simple workout to maintain strength and fitness during the first trimester

Looks like there’s no stopping pregnant MIC star Binky Felstead[1], who has been hitting up the gym and keeping fit.

Earlier this month, Binky and her baby-daddy Josh ‘JP’ Patterson[2] announced they were expecting their first child together and we couldn’t be happier for the pair!

Fitness fanatic Binky is still maintaining her slim physique and ensuring she stays healthy throughout her pregnancy and has even shared a simple gym workout, ideal for mums-to-be who

are in their first trimester.

Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead announces she’s PREGNANT with Josh Patterson’s baby: ‘It’s been a shock’[3]

Taking to Instagram, the reality star uploaded a clip of her pre-natal workout with the following moves:

Wide Leg Squat Press – 10 reps

Bicep Curls Arnold Press – 8 reps

Glute Bridges – 10 reps

Light run – 15 minutes

Modified burpees – 8 reps

Fans of the star have commented on the video, praising Binky for her workouts.

One fan wrote: ‘Wish i had exercised when I was pregnant! Was my biggest mistake not exercising,’ and another added: ‘Exercised through both my pregnancies up until 37/38 weeks.

Only had 9 pound to loose after the 2nd. Defo recommend continuing to exercise if you regularly do it before.’

One Insta user even joked: ‘as if she’s still going to the gym! I can’t even be bothered when I haven’t got pregnancy as an excuse 😂😂.’

Of course, some of Ms Felstead’s followers weren’t so encouraging with one mum saying: ‘What is wrong with just relaxing and resting in pregnancy! 🙈 I have two girls a toddler and

baby under a year and believe me u do enough Running about after them to keep fit! Rest while u can 😝 and after nine months giving birth if my second kid im back in size 8 clothes ✌️

kids keep u busy and fit 👊🏻.’

Fans rally round MIC’s Binky Felstead after heated JP fallout[4]

Another wrote: ‘U be careful binky with that working out your doing with your baby in your belly…..I don’t know who in there right mind would do any training when there pregnant

really & truly…’

We say, Go Binky!