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Gym targets mental and physical fitness

A gym in Peterborough has dedicated itself to creating a safe and secure environment tailored to help people with disabilities to get fit.

The gym, in the Cresset Centre in Bretton, is run by the YMCA.

It charges around two thirds less than the average gym membership, and invests any surplus money back into the charity.

‘Bad Lip Reading’ has finally released the hilarious ‘2017 NFL’ video

With the NFL season coming to a close, Bad Lip Reading has finally released their ‘NFL 2017’ video, and it is arguably the best part of Super Bowl week. While last year’s video delivered a ton of laughs, this year’s is the strangest and craziest yet. We’ll say it: It’s comedy gold.

[embedded content]
From the thief who dared to steal New England Patriots QB Tom Brady’s nickels out his “dang” locker, to Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger singing “I’ll flip for you,” nobody can escape the ridicule when the folks at Bad Lip Reading work their magic. But for those that did escape this year’s video, congratulations: Looks like we can’t laugh at your expense.

John Cena slams the ‘horrible’ NFL Combine bench test

NFL, listen up–John Cena has some advice for you. The WWE superstar spoke about the NFL combine in a video for Sports Illustrated and how the league uses the bench press to help measure the strength and potential of prospects coming into the league. His opinion?

The NFL could do better, much better:
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“It’s the most worthless test of skill that they have at the Combine.

And in an organization like the NFL they’re going to come back with ‘Eh, what does the kid know?’ But I know a lot about strength and fitness, and upper body reps for a segregated weight for max is a horrible test for the Combine athlete. I love the Agility test, I love the Sprint tests, Vertical Jump and all that stuff is really fun to watch. But, step your game up with the strength assessment, NFL.”

Cena showed off his bench press strength in 2015 and called out the combine, saying that the ” top calculated bench press” was only 10 pounds more than he could lift at 38 years old:

At this years @NFL combine top calculated bench press was 473lb.

38 yrs old, this is 463 #NGU @TapouT @sportscenter[1][2][3][4][5] — John Cena (@JohnCena) October 28, 2015[6]

In the SI video, Cena said that he benched that weight again for a Muscle & Fitness shoot in 2017. Stephen Paea of Oregon State has the NFL combine record on the bench press, making out list of the 11 strongest, most ridiculously athletic NFL combine performances of all time[7] with an astonishing 49 reps.

Mabye if Cena gave it a try he could beat the record.

NFL, take some advice–this John Cena guy knows what he’s talking about.


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20 foods that seem healthy but aren’t

Wraps are thinner than hoagies, buns, and bread, so they’ve gotta be healthier, right? Eh, sometimes, but most restaurants and to-go shops wrap all your sandwich fixings in a 12-inch wrap that can pack twice the amount of calories as plain old bread. Plus, spinach, tomato, and whole grain wraps don’t contain nearly as much veggies and whole grains as you’d think; more often than not, they’ve got additional coloring and flavoring.

The problem with pre-made wraps, too, is you can’t control what’s in them.

The bacon, ham, and ranch dressing can’t be taken out once they’re rolled up, and odds are you’re not getting additional veggies to add to your mix.

Five Fast Lunches to Build More Muscle >>>[1]


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ROAM Fitness gym opens at BWI

The ROAM Fitness gym officially opened Tuesday at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. The facility, located in the D/E connector, has all the amenities and space for up to 21 people. A storage wall will allow you to secure your luggage and private showers will leave you refreshed before board your flight.

Membership passes are priced at £40 a day, £175 for a month and £600 for annual pass.

ROAM Fitness is opened 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Visit the gym’s website[1] for more information.


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Plantronics BackBeat FIT Review: Fantastic Wireless Headphones

I almost never run, cycle or do anything active without headphones (I’m sociable that way) and I’ve tried dozens of sets of wireless headphones. The Plantronics BackBeat FIT aren’t just good – they’re the first pair to finally convince me to give up my trusty wired Bose SoundSports when exercising. The requirements of a set of wireless headphones[1] for sports are quite simple.

They have to stay in your ear, be comfortable, have a decent battery life and sound good. However, I’ve found that most sets don’t hit even half of these targets. The BackBeat FIT delivers on every count, and throws in some extra features for good measure.

And all for a very reasonable ?70.40 on Amazon at time of writing[2] (RRP ?99.99). The lightweight headset is barely noticeable once on and didn’t shift at all over the course of a half marathon. The earbuds are not designed to be jammed right down into your ears, which I found far more comfortable than standard in-ear buds, and they also let in some ambient noise – always handy when running on busy roads.

The battery life is a healthy eight hours and every time your turn them on a voice notification tells you how many hours you have left. That’s an extremely useful feature and one that should be on all Bluetooth headphones. The BackBeat FIT charges fully in around 2 1/2 hours, with a 15-minute quick charge delivering an hour of playback.

Given the ambient fit and modest price point, it’s perhaps not surprising the sound quality doesn’t quite match top-end headsets like the BEOPLAY H5, especially when it comes to bass. As someone who mostly listens to podcasts and embarrassing pop music when running, I value a comfortable fit far more than thundering bass, but for some it might not suffice. The headset has controls for play and pause, and taking calls, although the latter will reduce the battery life by a couple of hours.

The band is flexible and the whole caboodle is waterproof, which bodes well for its durability. A wide variety of colours is available and the headset also has some reflective detailing. It probably won’t be the difference between life and death when running at night, but every little helps.

Every time I tried to pair the BackBeat FITs with a device I had no problems connecting quickly – in fact, they turned out to be a little too good at this. It’s all too easy to turn the headset on accidentally when it’s in a rucksack and once on, it immediately connected to my phone, overriding the headphones I was wearing. It took a while to work out why my music had suddenly stopped.

Aside from that minor confusion, the BackBeat FIT was a joy to use, setting standards that I wish were met by far pricier Bluetooth headphones.

Unless you’re an absolute bass fiend, or prefer an in-ear fit, it’s a fantastic headset at a very good price.[3]


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Study Shows Fitness Gym Membership Pays Health Benefits

AMES, Iowa- The New Year’s resolutions of weight loss and fitness can be better achieved if you have a gym membership, according to a new study from Iowa State University. The study led by Duck-chul (DC) Lee, an assistant professor of Kinesiology at ISU said that people who belong to a health club exercised more, and had better heart health. The benefits are even greater if you have had a gym membership for over a year.

“It’s not surprising that people with a gym membership work out more, but the difference in our results is pretty dramatic,” Lee said, in a news release. “Gym members were 14 times more aerobically active than non-members and 10 times more likely to meet muscle-strengthening guidelines, regardless of their age and weight.” Lee said it is recommended that adults get 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, and 75 minutes of vigorous activity. “You have to do both aerobic and resistance exercise,” said Lee. “You can meet the aerobic exercise guidelines by doing exercise or physical activity outside like running bicycling, but meeting the resistance exercise guideline, it’s more difficult or challenging to do that outside the gym.

Exercise resistance is done by lifting weights, and differs from running or biking.

42.026619 -93.646465

No time to hit the gym? Just 1 or 2 workouts a week can be enough to stay in shape.

We get it: Sometimes a workout just isn’t in the cards. Distractions creep in–a long meeting keeps you from the pile of work you’ve barely dented, a food- and booze-filled vacation saps your return-to-real-life motivation–and before you know it, it’s the end of the week and you’ve literally done squat…as in, not a single squat. Well, don’t sweat it.

Or, more accurately, do sweat it, but just once or twice a week, and you’ll still be able to keep yourself in the healthy lane, says a new study out of the University of Sydney[1] in Australia. Scientists at the school analyzed a mass of data on more than 60,000 people and discovered that active adults–including those who exercised only once or twice a week–had about a 30% lower risk of death from all causes than adults who pretty much never got off their asses. As long as they hit at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week, their health was measurably better.

By that criteria, just two nice, long runs or one gritty lifting session would meet the standard. And who can’t manage that? “It’s very encouraging news that being physically active on just one or two occasions every week is associated with a lower risk of death,” said associate professor Emmanuel Stamatakis, Ph.D., in a press release[2].

Of course, he added, if optimal health is your goal, you’ll need to exercise considerably more than the minimum amount recommended–but we’re pretty sure you knew that already.

So don’t despair if you miss a few days; just try not to end any week without squeezing in a solid workout or two.

And the next time you can’t manage one of the long, leisurely gym sessions you’re accustomed to, try one of these super-efficient routines to get your heart pumping and muscles firing fast[3].


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BWI Gym Set to Open This Month With Rentable Workout Clothes, Even Sneakers


18–A full-service gym with treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, showers and rentable workout clothes, even sneakers, is scheduled to open at the end of January at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. The ROAM Fitness gym was first planned to open in the fall, but delayed because of construction setbacks, said Cynthia Sandall, co-founder of the Oregon-based startup. ROAM Fitness plans to operate 20 airport gyms in five years, she said.

About 100 travelers a day are expected to use the BWI gym, according to ROAM. It will open in a new corridor of the airport that will include a new security checkpoint and the capacity for more international flights, a major area of growth for BWI. The airport already offers walking trails and bike rentals.

BWI’s restaurants have increasingly offered healthier fare.

In 2014, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine rated BWI the best airport in the nation for healthful meal options.

___ (c)2017 The Baltimore Sun Visit The Baltimore Sun at Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Anytime Fitness opening first 24-hour gym in Beverley at Flemingate centre

Beverley’s first 24-hour fitness club is coming to the Flemingate centre[1]. Anytime Fitness will offer 24/7 access to the club, which will benefit from an investment of more than ?500,000 in fit-out and gym equipment. It will be the first Anytime Fitness club in East Yorkshire, occupying a first-floor unit with a ground-floor entrance close to Debenhams.

Franchise owner Neel Sodha said Anytime Fitness would be the newest, largest and best-equipped gym in Beverley[2] and for miles around, catering for today’s increasingly busy lifestyles and varied work patterns. It will open in May, following the fit-out which has already begun at the 7,500sq ft unit. More news: ‘Unfit mum’ jailed after tragic death of Poppy, 4, who was fed drugs[3]

Mr Sodha said: “We believe Anytime Fitness will be very popular with professional people who want to be able to work out in a high-quality environment, at times and in a place convenient to them. “We will draw our members from Beverley and a number of miles around, either because they live or work in Beverley, or want the experience we will offer that they can’t get anywhere else in the area. “This will be a club, not just a gym, and it will have a club community.

It will be a place where the staff will go out of their way to get to know the members and make them feel welcome. “It will be a place where members can make friends and take part in social events. For example, we’re looking to tie-up with Flemingate’s Parkway Cinema to organise cinema nights for members.”

Mr Sodha, whose family specialises in running franchise businesses, said the Flemingate club would feature a studio for exercise classes as well as communal workout areas. The changing rooms will have individual shower cubicles.

Personal trainers will be available and Anytime Fitness plans to use Flemingate’s outdoor public space for exercise classes and group activities in the spring and summer months. Mr Sodha said Flemingate was perfect for the Anytime Fitness model, which focuses on convenient, well-lit and safe locations, well-served by parking and public transport. “Flemingate fits the Anytime Fitness model to a tee.

It’s a great location, with a large 24-hour car park on site, the rail station just two minutes’ walk away and bus station also close by,” he said. “Beverley is also a large and affluent community with lots of professional people who are concerned about looking after their health and wellbeing.”

Opened in November 2015, Flemingate has seen a series of additions in recent months, including health and beauty retailer Superdrug, fashion stores Outfit and River Island and coffee brand Starbucks. Graham Tait, Flemingate Centre manager, said: “Anytime Fitness adds yet another element to the mix at Flemingate. It enhances what is already here and brings a unique proposition to Beverley and the surrounding area.

“We’ve been looking for a gym operator for Flemingate and Anytime Fitness was the one we identified as being a perfect fit, in terms of quality and convenience to people’s increasingly busy lives. “We want to bring businesses to Flemingate that will contribute to the centre as a whole and Anytime Fitness will certainly do that.” Mr Tait said the gym would also attract more visitors to the ?70m centre near Beverley Minster.

“Anytime Fitness will add footfall to the centre, which will be great for the retail and leisure outlets, and the fitness club will also benefit from access to the 800 people who now work at Flemingate.

“It’s also another example of Flemingate bringing a business to Beverley that otherwise could not be accommodated in the town,” he said.

Read more: Blade in Hull needs planning consent[4]


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